September 2015
Role: Project Manager

Regeneron has been leading the frontier of biotechnology, best known for drugs with regenerative properties (hence the name) that have helped cure conditions like the common cause of blindness in the elderly. When the rapidly growing company outgrew their Westchester campus, they expanded it by building an entirely new wing. We were brought in to develop creative tech and build ideas which brought to life the company’s playful and innovative culture to the new entrance lobby architecture. The solutions include an interactive 10 ft “Welcome” touchscreen which offers multi-user exploration of the company’s core values, patient testimonies, and global impact and a permanent sculptural wall-mounted timeline which displays 16 custom built objects of significance representing major milestones of the company. These works bring awe and inspiration to the new facility’s visitors, championing Regeneron’s commitment to company culture and their most important mission, bettering the lives of others.

Images courtesy of Guild & The Pike Company